Panel Honoring Dr. Williams


Dr. Lee Williams has been a Professor in the Department of Communication Studies for 40 yearsJoin us on Monday, March 24th, from 5:00-6:20 p.m. at Centennial in G01, when a group of friends and former students reflect on the legacy of leadership, scholarship, and teaching excellence created by Dr. Williams throughout his career. 

Panel participants include :

  • Victoria Locke
  • Maria Exum Garrett
  • Vick Meredith
  • Debbie Wiatrek
  • Ryan McPherson
  • Will Mercer
  • Carissa Hoopes Duval
  • Shari Bracy
  • Nick Driver

We hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Panel Honoring Dr. Williams

  1. Elizabeth (Wellings) Wmith

    Dr. Williams,

    I feel so fortunate to have taken your Leadership class in my final semester as a Master’s student (2012). I am using many of the same materials and formats that you used because I learned so much from them. In the Business and Professional communication class I am teaching, we are doing lots of personal assessments and discovering our own communication style, conflict management style, and leadership style. I credit you for explaining the benefits that raising our awareness of ourselves and others can have on our effectiveness and impact. Enjoy your retirement (finally!!) and know I am thinking of you here in Hattiesburg at The University of Southern MIssissippi as I replicate many of your fine teaching moments.

    Elizabeth (Wellings) Smith

  2. My first graduate class was Research Methods (I think it was 1985?). Thank you, Dr. WIlliams for your skill in teaching me Russian. At least, that’s what it looked like to me. As I finish my dissertation, I remember that your class started me on this path, and I remember how easily I would have given up if not for your personal encouragement. May Earl Grey be the results of all your t-tests from here forward.

  3. Jamie (Teague) Rigsby

    I had Dr. Williams as a professor in undergrad and graduate school. He was also on my comprehensive exam panel. I learned so many valuable skills in all of my classes with Dr. Williams that I am now able to apply on a daily basis in my career. He is a huge asset to the Communication Studies department and any student is lucky to have him as a professor and mentor.

    Jamie Rigsby

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