Panel Honoring Dr. Phil Salem


Dr. Phil Salem has been a Professor in the Department of  Communication Studies  for 40 years. Join us on Monday, March 24th at 6:30 at Centennial in GO1, as a group of friends and former students reflect on his legacy of leadership, scholarship, and teaching excellence.

Panel participants include:Salem-wppic

  • Robert Heiling (1980 alum)

  • Paula Rigling (1984 alum)

  • Dr. Shelley Hinck (1984 alum)

  • Will Mercer (1992 alum)

  • Dr. Jessica Raley (2004 alum)

  • Kevin Kline (2010 alum)

  • Shari Bracy (1992 alum)

  • Debbie Wiatrek

  • J.R. Gonzales
  • Heather Harward



12 thoughts on “Panel Honoring Dr. Phil Salem

  1. Elizabeth (Wellings) Wmith

    Dr. Salem inspired me to think much differently about information than any former professor. I find myself repeating his words in the classes I teach now at The University of Southern Mississippi where I am teaching and pursuing my doctorate. He told us in our Communication and Technology class that “information is like bits and bytes. They are 1’s and 0’s which are data points. The more varied the data points, the more information you have.” I have used this metaphor when I explain to students the value of diversity in the workplace and also why differences of opinion in conflict can be beneficial. Dr. Salem has a way with explaining that doesn’t fit every student, but it fit me just fine!!!

    i miss you Dr. Salem and am sorry for all the students who will miss your dry sense of humor and the opportunity to learn about your ways of seeing the world.

    Elizabeth (Wellings) Smith

  2. Karen Mitchell

    Dr. Phil Salem is an exceptional leader, researcher and teacher. His 40 years at Texas State have been a gift to the students in Communication Studies. Dr. Salem’s continued acceptance and encouragement was invaluable to me. His high standards and handy red pen motivated me to meet higher expectations. His ready wit and dry sense of humor made learning enjoyable and memorable. I and many other fortunate students at Texas State were blessed to have him as a mentor. I now count him as a good friend of 33 years.

    Karen DeCuennick Mitchell

  3. Karen Mitchell

    Dr. Phil Salem is an exceptional leader, scholar and teacher. His 40 years at Texas State has been a gift to the many students he has taught and mentored. Dr. Salem’s continued encouragement was invaluable to me. His high standards encouraged me to achieve what I did not think I could achieve. I learned to appreciate his swift red pen adding an array of color to submitted work! Phil Salem’s teaching style and quick wit facilitated understanding of the subject. I was blessed to have him as a mentor and am still blessed to have him as a friend of 33 years.

    Karen DeCuennick Mitchell

  4. Even though I am just now completing my PhD, it was Dr. Phil Salem who showed me with considerable patience what I was capable of doing. Dr. Salem’s standards for that thesis project in the ’80s were so rigorous that my dissertation today has become more of a joy than a challenge. He also shared with me his love for baseball and I have been a believer ever since. I continue to morn the corruption of the designated hitter.

    Alas, I teach at that time on Monday night and am not able to be with you to celebrate his gifts to us all. So I say to Phil, “Na Zdorovie!”

  5. Seamus R. Nelsom

    At first, I thought Dr. Salem was intimidating. But I quickly found the difference between the perceived intimidation and his passion for the field. Dr. Salem held very high standards, and taught the value of following directions. One day, after an annotated bibliography was due, Dr. Salem passed me in the hall and said I did very well. I was very happy to hear this … until I got the assignment back with a B on it. Helped me realize that “very well” wasn’t going to cut it. I’m glad I didn’t pass up the opportunity to learn under his direction. I learned a lot about a field that I love, and he helped me learn the material in an academic and applicable manner. Keep up the good work, Dr. Salem!

    Seamus R. Nelson

  6. Jamie (Teague) Rigsby

    I had Dr. Salem as a professor in undergrad and graduate school. He was also on my comprehensive exam panel. I learned so many valuable skills in all of my classes with Dr. Salem that I am now able to apply on a daily basis in my career. He is a huge asset to the Communication Studies department and any student is lucky to have him as a professor and mentor.

  7. Words really cannot express how much gratitude I feel for Dr. Salem. He is the single most important educational influence in my life, and I would not be the person I am, or where I am, without him. Dr. Salem has the ability to see potential in all who take his classes and he has a knack for helping turn that potential into success. He saw that potential in me: Without me knowing or planning on it, Dr. Salem set into motion my path to graduate school and ignited my passion for higher education. He cares so much about his students, and takes a special interest in every one of them. Dr. Salem is more than an educator; he becomes your champion. He challenges you in ways you could never imagine, and he fights for you to challenge yourself. And more than a champion, he becomes your friend. I am a better person, a better student, and a better educator for having Dr. Salem in my life.

    I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the Panel to Honor Dr. Salem, but I am definitely there in spirit. I don’t know of anyone more deserving of this recognition, and I hope he realizes how much he touches the lives of others. Thank you Dr. Salem, for everything.

  8. Kevin Kline

    Dr. Salem has influenced my thinking on the nature of social networks and the impact they have on our lives. His teachings on communication still come to mind when I engage companies on a strategic level. For example, he made me realize that in order to truly understand the way individuals and organizations communicate, I had to record the differences through the arc of time rather than focus on one particular event. Applying that lesson has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. I feel fortunate to have worked so closely with him during my time at Texas State and lucky to count him as a friend.

  9. Christine (Meyer) Bonaparte

    Dr. Salem had a huge influence on me during my years at Texas State (SWTSU) and beyond. Without Dr. Salem, I would have never stretched myself to explore new academic horizons and think about the classroom in new ways. My gratitude for his gentle, yet firm teaching style, his guidance as my mentor and thesis advisor, and most importantly his friendship over the years cannot fully be expressed in words. Thank you!

  10. Erin Broadhurst

    Dr. Salem agreed to advise my undergraduate Honors Thesis after we developed a strong rapport during his Organization Communication course the semester before. During the time we spent working on the project, Dr. Salem encouraged my curiosity and challenged me to be my best as he helped me navigate my first full-blown research project. He believed in me and championed me, even when I didn’t always believe in myself. I will always remember his dedication to his students, his school, his community, as well as his wit and the joy he took in discovering the world around him.

    I wish I could have attended the panel honoring him, but I was certainly there in spirit, as they say. Texas State is certainly lucky, and so am I to have had such a mentor in my life. Thank you, Dr. Phil Salem!

  11. Brian Robinson

    Dr. Salem truly changed my perspective on writing and research. I will never forget the first assignment I turned in to him which he returned with more marks than I could count. He pushed me to complete complex tasks that turned out to make things much simpler in the end. I still use much of what he taught me in my career and in courses I teach. My early courses with him set me up for success in all of my later graduate courses. I am extremely grateful for these lessons that seemed so hard in the beginning but in the end turned out to be a key part of my success. He inspired me to think outside of the box, learn to embrace complexity, and pass along my what I have learned to others. Having Dr. Salem as a professor, mentor, and friend has truly changed my life.

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