Texas State University the Department of Communication Studies Presents: COMM Week 2014


Legacy. Something valuable that is passed down from one generation to another. For over a century, Texas State Communication Studies students and faculty members have experienced a legacy of leadership, scholarship, and teaching excellence. Now after 28 years of service to the department, Dr. Beebe is stepping down as chair. Dr. Salem and Dr. Williams are nearing retirement as they celebrate their 40th year as Texas State faculty members! Our favorite former Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication, Dr. Richard Cheatham, is retiring at the end of this semester. Along with a some of the best communication instructors anywhere, these professors helped to build the legacy of leadership, scholarship, and teaching excellence that has transformed the lives of students who have passed through Centennial Hall. COMM WEEK 2014 will be a celebration and commemoration of their legacy.

NEW:       Donate to the Steven A. Beebe Communication Studies Graduate Scholarship

       (Fund # 67865, Formerly the Communication Studies Graduate Scholarship Fund)

 Mark your calendars for March 24-28th – COMM WEEK 2014. We’re gearing up for a very special celebration in the Department of Communication Studies. All week, alumni and colleagues from across the country will be giving presentations in Communication Studies classes  as a way to say thank you to some of the professors who have been such huge influences on their lives.  Many former students who are now business executives, attorneys, and faculty members from universities across the U.S., will be coming home to San Marcos to take part in an action-packed Comm Week 2014. We hope you will attend some of the presentations, receptions, and a very special Convocation at the new Performing Arts Center. Our Convocation speaker this year will be Dr. Beebe, and Convocation will be followed by a tribute program entitled, Beebe 101: Principles of Leadership in the Department of Communication Studies. Dr. Diana Ivy, Dr. Beebe’s co-author and former Texas State faculty member, will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies for Beebe 101. During the week there will also be tribute programs for Dr. Salem and Dr Williams, and a group of former graduate students who were 1310 basic course administrators will participate in a panel discussion about how their experiences in our graduate program prepared them to earn PhD degrees. As usual, our Advisory Board will be presenting the always popular Jobs Roundup panel for undergraduate students. It is going to be a memorable time in Centennial Hall, and we hope you will make plans to join us for COMM WEEK 2014.

ABOUT COMM WEEK COMM Week is am annual event presented by the Department of Communication Studies at Texas State University. Students, faculty, alumni, and community members to participate in a series of panels, events, and presentations on topics related to the field of communication. Our Comm Studies students will have the opportunity to hear lectures from speakers and panelists share their experiences and expertise. The week will culminate with two back-to-back events to be he annual Convocation Address and Award ceremony, which will be held in the new Performing Arts Center.

Contact: Dr. Melinda Villagran (mv12@txstate.edu)

Department of Communication Studies
Centennial Hall, Room 205
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666
Phone: 512.245.2165
Fax: 512.245.3138


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